Shave and a Haircut 9 0 for Autodesk Maya” by Joe Alter

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Shave and a Haircut 9.0 Released with lots of new stuff:
– New Display Options
– Realtime GL Shading .
– VP 2.0 integration from Maya 2015
– MultiRes Hair Display in viewport ( Shaded Preview Mode)
– Interactive Texture Update

– Groming
– Better instance grooming with live update and gl preview.
– pressure sensitive stylus and pressure slider
– Brush Intensity

– MultiThreaded Dynamics.

– Rendering
– Support for Vray 3.0,3.1,3.2
– Vray rendering is 2x faster in 3.0+ over 2.4
– Full Support for Pixar RenderMan 20 + RIS
– New custom shader assignment for Renderman studio and RIS renders





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