The Itching Animated Short Film By Dianne Bellino

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A Collaboration by Dianne Bellino + Adam Davies
Written, Directed + Edited by Dianne Bellino
Animated by Adam Davies
Produced by Dianne Bellino + Adam Davies

Cinematography + Lighting: Dianne Bellino
Production Design, Set Construction + Art Direction: Dianne Bellino + Adam Davies
Costume Design + Construction: Antonia Ford-Roberts + Dianne Bellino
Music: Dean Parker
Sound Design + Mix: Eli Cohn
Title Design: Nancy Kwon

Assistant Camera: Adam Davies
Animal Design + Construction: Dianne Bellino
Prop Design + Construction: Adam Davies
Animal Resculpting: Dianne Bellino + Adam Davies
Costume Assistance + Sewing: McLean Sheperd, Kimi Kaplowitz, Jen Prokopowicz
Armatures: Adam Davies
Assistant Editor: Adam Davies

Post Production Effects: Adam Davies
Additional Visual Effects: Alec Iselin
Colorist: Chris Ramey
Sound Editor: Daniel D’Errico
Production Consultants: Reuben Kleiner, Zach Williams
Post Production Consultants: Richie Sherman, Kalika Kharkar Sharma, Jeremy Brooke

15 mins.
Copyright Dianne Bellino + Adam Davies 2016

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