Apple I phone 7 specification and release date

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The most awaited Apple iPhone7 launch which is buzzing around the world is all set to be launched

by global tech giant Apple in this year by September 2016.It’s being in news that Apple is planning to

release iPhone7 and iPhone7 plus like the previous launch of iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus.


The display with be slight larger than the previous models, 5.8inch touchscreen with OLED display in

place of LED which are in use in current models. OLED display generates its own light whereas LED

display requires black light to glow. There will be sapphire glass instead of Gorilla glass which was

currently used in iWatch.


It will be a unique design model with new iOS 10 in build in it. Design of iPhone7 will be slimmer as

compared to previous versions of iPhones which will be about 6.1mm in thickness. There is rumour

that it may skip the headphone jack socket due to its slim size or there will be an option of Bluetooth

headphone in place of it.

Processor, Battery& Camera

It’s being in news that A9 chipset processor will be used in iPhone7 .It will come with advanced

battery life with Li-Po Battery which will be non-removable. Battery can be charged wireless which

we can be seen in latest Samsung galaxy S6 edge model. Camera will be also advanced DSLR 21MP,

which can click high definition images and can record nice videos too.

Built-in Projector

Rumour is also there that iPhone7 will come with built-in projector which can be really amazing in

case for personal movie watching as well as corporate presentations. This technology will be the first

time used ever in any iPhone.

Waterproof and Dust resistant

iPhone7 will be a waterproof model, which is tested that there will be no harm to device if also it’s

kept in 1 metre deep water for 30 minutes. In addition it will be also dustproof.


The latest buzz is that it will support e-SIM or a virtual SIM with the help of its hardware design. With

this latest technology one does not require any real SIM card to be inserted in the phone. It will

make easy switching network carriers and there will be flexible roaming. Like if anyone wants to stay

for longer time in a particular country one can switch to local network hassle free.


Overall price will be between 1000-1200 USD as per the model internal space capacity of 16GB,


Written by – Pavitra (technical engineer)

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