Tesla Model 3: Affordable Electric Car

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California based company Tesla has launched its Model 3 version ,informed in the press

release that it would be affordable car as compared to any. According to the Chief executive

Elon musk its online booking has started prior to its press release and has reached about

180,000 and its first deliveries is to start in late 2017. The basic model will cost about

$35,000 and it can cover a distance of 215 miles(364 Km) per charge which is powered by

Lithium ion battery.


It can go from 0-97 Km/h in a duration of about six seconds. There is

autopilot feature in it which will allow car to auto steer and avoid accidents in roads.

Earlier Model S and X version hasn’t achieved any sales target , so the company has tried

now to develop its new technology affordable for customers. Last year only 50,580 cars

were delivered. It supports supercharging which allow car to charge quickly .It has more

space as compared to petrol version of cars as there is no IC engine in it, which saves much

space for storage and make the vehicle more lighter and smooth. In US auto market,

average price of such car is about $33,000.

Li -Fi Technology

Written by- Pavitra Adhikary (Technical Engineer )

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