Facebook’s new AI Technology for Visually Impaired

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Facebook has launched its new AI(Artificial Intelligence) technology to help the partially

blind and visually impaired persons that will let them know what the image, uploaded is all

about and who and the persons are in it. This new AI technology will read image and tell

what it is in the form of audio output. According to latest survey about 1.8 billion images are

uploaded in social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Blind people generally use navigation software called screen readers to make computer

sense text and and convert them into audio, but this is applicable for only title text and not

for analysing the information about the images. According to Facebook it has trained its

software to understand and recognise 80 familiar objects and activities, like the images of

food Pizza, Burgers etc. and many more as such.

The key person behind this whole project is Matt King who is a Facebook Engineer. Actually

Matt lost his sight because of Retinitis Pigmentosa, a condition where light sensitive cells of

retina gets affected. Matt wanted to develop object recognition software which can sense

image and convert its detail in the form of audio to visually impaired persons, and its done

now. This feature is presently launched for Facebook iOS App, condition that your default

language is set to English and you are living in US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. It will

be live everywhere soon !


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