Now Facebook Remove Malware from your computer

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Facebook’s new security tool is brought together with Kaspersky Lab . The bad files and software will help the user to find and remove them .

Iset , including F -Secure and Trend Micro , along with other online security firm Kaspersky Lab on Facebook is trying to implement this program .

Facebook security engineer Trevor Potingr new step is the Facebook for online security. “I thank these companies for their cooperation, we have two million people in the last three months of the malware removed from computers where malware and viruses while connected to Facebook migrate.”


Using combination of algorithms and signal online virus and malware security program will look for infection.

Kesprski Lab also wrote in the blog post that this partnership with Facebook will help millions phishing and malware attacks which are grappling with.

This tool is active on three months now it has been made available for use by users.


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