Zbrush Tips and Tricks

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Sculpt on thin Pieces of Geometry without Distorting the Backside

Hollow Out Model for 3D Printing using ZBrush

Differences Between the Clip, Slice, and Trim Curve Brushes

Differences in Document Save, File Save, and Tool Save

Unify Button Inside of ZBrush

Using Spotlight to Display Reference Images

‘Tablet Services Not Available’ error on ZBrush Launch?

“Why would I ever use Unify on my models?”

“How can I apply different materials to individual Subtools?”

“Is there a way to change the default Material on ZBrush Start?”

“How can I delete tools from the tool palette after they have been loaded in?”

What’s the best way to apply a mesh pattern to a dynameshed model using noisemaker ?

How Can I Create and Control Something Very thin Like a Bowstring?

How Can I Smooth Out Open Edges on My Models?

How does the Morph Target and Morph Brush Work Inside of ZBrush?

Is there a Way to Use Polygroups to Generate ZRemesher Guides?

What are the Different View Options for Displaying PolyFrames?

How Can I setup Subtools to Use the DynaMesh Subtraction Function?

How Can I Add Resolution to Areas on a Mesh Without Deforming Other Areas?

How Can I Create Alphas Inside of ZBrush

How can I export out FiberMesh Curves for use in other applications?

How can I get my model back if I accidentally click Quick Sketch?

My model is no longer in 3D and sculpting just creates copies? How can I fix this?

What file formats can be Imported and Exported from ZBrush?

How Can I Unify without Effecting the Scale of the Model?

For Illustration, How Can We Create and Save Camera Views to Render in ZBrush?

How Can I Create a 3D Model from an Alpha or Height Map Inside of ZBrush?

How Can I Update to the Latest Point Release of ZBrush 4R7?

How To Create a Toon Shade in ZBrush

Adding Thickness to Thin Geometry

How Can I make a Depth Masking Brush for Concave and Convex Surfaces ?

How Can Import Clothing from Marvelous Designer into ZBrush and Make it Sculptable ?

How Can You Import a ZTL or ZPR into a Selected Tool ?

How Can I Fix Duplicate Named Subtools Inside of ZBrush ?

How Can I Rename a Subtool with Underscores Inside of ZBrush ?

How Does the Project On Mesh Slider for the Grid Background Images Help ?

How Can I disable the Auto-Collapsing of Palettes ?

What is or isn’t Save in a Project (ZPR) and Tool (ZTL)

How can I make a Fairly Large Render in ZBrush?

What is the Best Way to get an IMM Curve Brush onto its Own Subtool?

How Can I get the Curve Graph to Create a Sharp Profile instead of a Rounded One?

How Can I create an InsertMesh Brush that Contains UV Coordinates?

How Can I Create a Curved Cylinder Using the ZModeler Brush?

Is there a Way to Set Hotkeys for the ZModeler Brush?

What does Creasing and the CreaseLvl Slider do Inside of ZBrush?

How do I Create Mannequins from Scratch?

How Can I Ccreate a Custom Pop-Up Menu Inside of ZBrush?

How Can I Close Some Polys Using the ZModeler Brush?

How Do I Use Radial Symmetry Inside of ZBrush?

Is there Anyway to Turn on Mask by Polygroups with a Button Instead of the Slider?

How Can you Reset an IMM Brush after they Start Coming out ‘Squashed’?

How Can I Center the Transpose Line to My Model?

How Can You Keep UVs After Completing a Merge Visible?

What does the Projection Shell do?

How do I import a CAD file into ZBrush?

How Can I create Morph Target Layers?

How Do I Get Mesh Fusion to Work?

How Can I Clear a Material from the Colorize or Polypaint Information on a Model?

How do I use the Transpose Line ‘White Circle?

How can I Create Tank Treads Inside of ZBrush?

How can I Create an Insert Mesh Curve Brush?

How Can I Load a Background Image into ZBrush?

How Can I Use the Mouse wheel to Zoom Inside of ZBrush?

What does the Export Scale Slider do inside of ZBrush?

How can I make my NanoMeshes all go in the same direction on my model?

What is ZAppLink and How do I use it Inside of ZBrush?

How Can I Change the texture Size that is Created When Using New From Polypaint?

How Can I Remove the Material but Retain the RGB Using the ZBrush to KeyShot Bridge?

How Can I Get an InsertMesh Brush to Draw out at the Same Size?

How to Export a Creased Mesh from MayaLT into ZBrush?

Can You Turn a 2.5D Sketch into a 3D Model?

How Can I Relax UVs Using the UV Master Plugin?

How Can I Project only the Polypaint to a New Mesh Using the Project All function?

How Can I Extract a Single Polygroup from a Subdivided Subtool?

How Can I Hollow out a Pendant Model and Make the Back Open for Creating Jewelry?

How Can I Add Brushes so they Load by Default into the Brush Palette?

How Can I Generate a Color ID map from Polygroups?

How to Make a Tire Using ZModeler?

How Can I Get IMM Brushes to Preserve UVs and Polypaint?

How Can I Recenter My Subtool in One Axis?

How Can I Select the Different Meshes Contained in an NanoMesh Brush?

What is the Easiest Way to Create an IMM Brush from Separate *.obj Files?

How Can I Create a Tileable Alpha Map and Apply it to a Model?

Is there a way to bake NoiseMaker’s preview directly to an Alpha Map?

How can you keep the SelectRect Brush constrained to a square?

How can I increase the size of the interface buttons?

How can I export out a model from ZBrush with Smoothed Normals?

How does Replay Last Relative Work?

How can I reposition a Mannequin in the world after it’s been created?

How can I make a curved Wind Deflector using the ZModeler Brush?

How can I ZRemesh a model then transfer the details back?

Is there a way to have an IMM Curve Brush randomly cycle its InsertMeshes?

How Can I Extract Models Contained in an IMM Brush?

How Can I model a Chamfered Pipe Shape using the ZModeler Brush?

How Can I Create a Clown Pass Render for use with Photoshop Masking?

What Interface Button Corresponds to the “M” Hotkey When Using IMM Brushes?

Can I Lock the Navigation of the Viewport When Using Spotlight for Texturing?

How Can I Set My Machine to Allow me to Subdivide to Another Level?

Is there a way to Save and Load Masking on a Model?

How can I get my Custom Curve Brush to not snap to the model?

How can I make a Texture Map with an Alpha using FiberMesh?

How can I Fix Sharp Edges when Sculpting?

What is the Freeze Subdivision Levels button Used for?

How Can I Create an Organic Hole with DynaMesh?

My Sculpts are Pixelated in Areas what is Causing this?

How Can I Snap an InsertMesh Brush Object to a Camera Axis?

How Can I Get NanoMeshes to Fill the Entire Polygon?

What Does the Projection Strength Slider do with IMM Brushes?

How Can I Export out Multiple Subtools to STL and Maintain the Scale?

How Can I Get My model to Not Display a Lower Subdivision When Rotating?

What Other Ways Can I Smooth my Model Without Using the Smooth Brush?

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