Whats App new feature launch

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As we all know WhatsApp is best application for multimedia sharing over phone and desktop via

WhatsApp Web version. It always comes with some new feature added to it; in its every update.

With the launch of calling feature it became more popular and downloaded application in App Store

and Google Play store. As reported by Hacked News Points new feature will be launched in coming

update. One such feature is user can highlight text in Italic and Bold letters .For example ,if anyone

has to type New Delhi in Italic just type or add underscore in between the letter ,like _New Delhi_

and press enter ;as you send it will appear as New Delhi. And for Bold letters just insert * sign in

between the letter, like *New Delhi* and it will appear in bold New Delhi.

There will be also file sharing feature too, which will allow user to share any PDF, Word, PowerPoint

file from Google Drive directly through WhatsApp and upon sending it will be converted to PDF by

default. Recent update has no such feature seen yet but in coming updates it will be; in current

version we can only send any document file which is already present in our phone or desktop via

WhasApp. In recent update we can see slight change in notification panel like sender’s name is

highlighted in bold and rest of the message is displayed.

Waiting for all other exciting features also to get added in WhatApp na? Me too 

Li -Fi Technology

Written by- Pavitra Adhikary (Technical Engineer )

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