Vfx Breakdown – Game of Thrones Season 6

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Watch vfx and behind the scenes of Game of thrones season 6 .
Designed & Produced by Imaginary Forces
Creative Director: Jeremy Cox
Executive Producer: Jon Hassell
Producer: Will Arnold
Designers: Jeremy Cox, Lindsey Mayer-Beug, Henry Chang
Additional Designs: Max Strizich, Theo Daley
Compositors: Manu Gaulot, Jeremy Cox, Joe Pistono, Jeen Lee
3D Animators: Joe Pistono, Jeremy Cox, Chris Russo
2D Animators: Yeon Jin Kim, Bhakti Patel
Matte Painters: Tim Matney, Erika Lee
Sound Design: Butter Music & Sound
Sound Mix: Mr. Bronx

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game of- thrones

game of- thrones-1

game of- thrones-2


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