Tips & Tricks related to Facial Modeling

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In this tutorial watch modeling tips and tricks,Facial modeling and topology is something that has always caught my attention. I like to focus on the artistic point of view,This side of our work is something that has lost relevance in the learning curves of new modelers, since the massive implementation of sculpting software has allowed them to focus on the artistic side and avoid all of the headaches that topology might bring to volumes and, ultimately, to model deformations. Of course, focusing on shapes and volumes allows us to quickly improve our model and to obtain quality results quickly, but we have to assume that, if it isn’t a production model, we will probably not retopologize it, so we’re always going to avoid topology.

Those are the reasons that pushed me to start this kind of topological library that I hope will be useful for those modelers who are looking for facial topology references and who are also interested in taking a general look at the entire process of completing a cartoon head ready for animation.







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  • amir shahzad

    its realy nice but very speedy tutorial plz help me in with slowly tutorial thanks

    • Posted on I really have enjoyed reading your post – very informative and useful information without a bunch of BS1l8#&2!7;Il be sure to give this URL to some friendsThanks Again

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