Rigging Reel 2016 By Lewis Pickston

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A more focused reel showing my rigging work only.

00:0601:06 – Biped and Quadruped Auto-Rigging System – Takes locators for joint positions and the object mesh as inputs. Automatically places reverse-foot controls, IK/FK controls and blending, procedural ribbon spline deformation controls or standard twist controls, cog, globalSRT and shoulder and hip controls with correct scale and behaviour. Twist supports up to 720 degrees of rotation and is fully procedural (can control twist moving up and down the arm). Real-time evaluation, all Maya native nodes (no expressions). Average rig completion time is around 30 seconds but varies with regards to system specifications.

01:0601:27 – Frontier Developments Rigging Masterclass for Games – Rigged all mech and integrated pilot. Posing the mech poses the pilot respectively which can be blended on an off. Scene includes IK/FK match script which is built into the rig and executes instantaneously. Tread animation allows for both procedural animation (based on distance traveled) and hand animation either on top of or instead of procedural animation. Cable animation can operate as either standard reactive posing or with dynamic simulations on top. Pilot reacts to mech movement, this can also be scaled from 0-1 and animated on top of.

01:2701:37 – Bespoke Moorish Idol rig for 3D Artist Magazine Tutorial – Simple fish rig with procedural animation for swimming based on Maya deformers. Allows for hand animation on top of procedural animation, or instead of. Dynamic dorsal fin driven by nHair.

Tutorial: youtube.com/watch?v=PbBQ7eNE71s

01:3702:02 – Ostrich Rig – Animal rig using basic structural, twist and helper joints for anatomical muscular definition and volume preservation. My own animation demo on the rig also shows the joints in action, with purple indicating the structural and twist joints, and red indicating anatomical stretchy joint chains which act like muscles when limbs are moved.

Full demonstrations of individual rigs are available upon request!

rig a animal

rigging reel 2016 main

rigging reel 2016


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