Pulldownit 3.8 wood fracture demos

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Pulldownit 3.8 Features

Available for 3d Max 2017 and Maya 2016 extension 2
New Wood Splinters Reshattering scheme
New “detect mesh groups” shatter option for shattering correctly combined meshes
Jagginess preserve UVs of original faces( single and multi uvs)
Cut Material->new allows to update the material of current shatter group
original object is auto selected after Shatter it->Undo All
AutoSelect the fracture body in list corrersponding to current selected fragment
Improved performance drawing of fragments in 3d Max
Shatter Undo Last is now a fast operation
Support VP 2.0 Core profile mode in Maya( rest of modes were already supported)
Support Maya 2016 Parallel mode
PDI keys uses 30% less RAM in Maya getting the playback of massive rbd scenes faster.




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