Pod Taxis Technology start In India

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Gurgaon will be the first Indian city to get Pod taxis; functional by next year. NHAI(National Highway

Authority of India) has started the ground work to start India’s first PRT(Personal rapid transit)

network system. Global bids are invited from around the world; it’s estimated that the project will

cost around 850 Crores and it will take about one year for project to complete.



The project length will be approx. 13Km from Gurgaon- Delhi border to Badshapur Mod on Sohna

Road, later its being planned to stretch it further to Dhaula Kuan and Manesar on each side. NHAI

told that it will be helpful for personal rapid transport and also avoid traffic jams. If we compare,

construction cost of 1Km length of Metro Rail project costs around 250Crores INR whereas in PRT

system it will be only 70 Crores INR.It’s also lighter and smooth to travel by.

HDCVI &HD Surveillance technology

PRT system mainly comprises of automated vehicles which runs on a cable rope guide way with

docking stations for passengers to get on and off in it. Maximum 4-5 passengers can travel by this

type of pod taxis which runs overhead at speed of 60Km/hr. Passengers have option to even skip

stations and reach their destination on a short period of time in case of personal travel. The whole

finance will be done by the private firm who will construct this project and under terms of

agreement it will be recover in the form of ticket prices for a period of 25 years.

Li -Fi Technology

Written by- Pavitra Adhikary (Technical Engineer )

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