“OWLMOST 3D Animated Short Film “By Meike Mueller

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A small hungry owl cannot wait to have dinner, but there seems to be something that keeps interrupting her from enjoying the delicious treat…
This Film was a second year production at the Filmakademie Baden-W├╝rttemberg. It was also the first opportunity to finally lay hands on 3D Animation. We had 3 months to create our own movie and use the technique we preferred most.
Idea I Script I Direction: Meike Mueller
Producer: Tobias Hollmann, Philipp Monjoie
Music: Sven Osterholz
Sounddesign: Johannes Knott
Animation: Meike Mueller
Rigging & TD: Alexander Dietrich
Modelling & Texturing: Meike Mueller
Compositing: Manuel Rivoir
Paint FX: Dominic Eise, Kim Nquyen

best animated short film 4


best animated short film


owlmost animated short film


owlmost animated short film main

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