Domino’s pizza delivery DRU Technology

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Pizza delivery giant Domino’s is all set to modernize its business with the help of military robotic

technology. DRU (Domino’s Robotic Unit) initially tested it back on March 8, 2015 by tying up with

Australian based military contractor Marathon Robotics in D Lab. It’s currently on its testing phase in

New Zealand. The technology comprises of GPS monitoring and on board sensors in built in the

robot which can sense any incoming hurdle on its path.

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It’s a four wheeler robot which can deliver pizzas and beverages. It has two different compartments

which can keep pizza hot and beverages cool. On a single charge it can deliver and come back to

store within a radius 20km and can go for a speed of 20km/hr. Customers can unlock their delivery

by inserting a specific code from their phone. This robot is designed to travel in both roads as well as

in footpath.

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Although there is a major risk of surveillance and security with it; customers would still like to get

their pizza delivered by humans. Overall it’s on its testing period for over six months. It will take

about two years to develop this technology for commercialization and day today delivery purpose.

Written by – Pavitra (technical engineer)


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