7 Simple tricks and tips for Macintosh and Windows OS

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In today world everyone is getting tech savvy and better understanding of computer operating system makes our life simpler. Small and simple tricks make it simpler. So let’s see some simple tricks of Macintosh and Windows operating system.


  1. To get back closed tab in browser

Inorder to get back the closed browser in Windows or Mac browser one has to simply press Ctrl+Shift plus T and the closed browser will appear in front of you magically, sounds good na?


  1. Screen shot a part of screen

If someone wants to take only a part of the screen as screen shot  instead of whole screen then for Mac operating system one has to press  Command+Shift+4 and a tool will appear by which one can select the area to be taken as screenshot by simpler dragging it.

For Windows simply go to start and search for snipping tool.


  1. Repeat your last command in Excel

In office our day today work is often done on Microsoft Excel for data compilation and calculations and if one has to repeat a command what was earlier used simply press F4.

Like a row is highlighted with yellow colour and other row has to be the same than one can press F4 key and next row will automatically be highlighted in yellow colour.


  1. Reverse search an image in chrome browser

If anyone want to search that the image which is displayed in a website is originally taken from which location one can press S with Right click of mouse.


  1. Pause and Play YouTube video

Every one of us like to watch YouTube video and simple key can be used to rewind, play/pause and forward it .YouTube video can be Pause/Play by using K key and if one has to rewind backward for 10 sec press J and if 10 sec forward press L. Try it next time when you watch a video on YouTube!!


  1. Clear cache

For clearing cache one has to press Ctrl+Shift and R key.

  1. Moving a screen or open tab

Whole screen or opened tab can be moved anywhere in the display by pressing Windows key and  arrow keys to move it right/left or up/down anywhere in display. One can also move it from one display to other also if multiple displaysare there.

Pavitra (technical engineer)

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